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There are a few subjects that seem hard for us to talk about and money is one of them and for  some of us this is the number one subject we do not talk about with anyone.  But Jesus talked about money, in fact, He had quite a lot to say about it.  The reality is, we can’t live without money, but for many it’s a constant struggle to have enough. What if there was a way out of the money struggle?  What if there was a way to live in balance, not just in balance with our bank account, but also in balance with God?  The truth is, there is and as followers of Jesus it’s not possible for us to be unbalanced financially and still be following Jesus.


January 8, 2023
Getting Focused

January 15, 2023
What's the Point?

January 22, 2023
Constant Corrections

January 29, 2023
Making a Plan

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