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Ministry Personnel Application

Thank you for your willingness to serve with Student and/or Children's ministry at Crossway! You are embarking on a journey of service that affects the life and discipleship of young people in our community. This is a high bar and we take it seriously to serve along side you in this manner.

Below you will find what is needed to complete your application to work with vulnerable persons at Crossway, as is required to create a safe environment for everyone and to comply with our Safe Place Policy.

School Application


Application Form

A fillable PDF application form can be accessed by clicking/tapping the image.

Note: only 2 references are required. If you do not attend Crossway as your home church, then include a pastor from your current church as a 3rd reference.


MB Confession of Faith

In your application form you will required to add your signature to confirm alignment with the MB Confession of Faith. You can find the confession by clicking/tapping the image



Criminal Record Check

To be completed at your local RCMP detachment. For most people this is in Carman. It is recommended to call beforehand to ensure someone is in the office. 204-745-6760.

Click/Tap the image to send an email to Scott ( to request a letter from Crossway which exempts you from payment.

NOT required if you are under 18 years of age.


Interview & Reference Checks

Now that you have submitted an application form we will:

a) connect with the references you listed

b) set up an appointment with you to have an interview in person

Job interview



Orientation Training

The orientation training can be completed online and should take approximately one (1) hour. It has been constructed within RightNow Media. If you do not have an account, use the first button to sign up for RightNow Media, then use the next button to begin the training!

Access Orientation Training (coming soon!)
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