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Have you ever faced adversity? Of course you have, we all have at some point in time faced it. Adversity is often described as "difficulty or challenge."  Adversity comes from the Latin adversus, which means "turned against." This means adversity is any situation that is hostile or unfavourable toward you. That seems like more than difficulty or challenge. So how do you respond to adversity? Many of us perhaps just want to be able to say we survived it. When it's over we might be a little bruised and battered, but we got through it. But what if when we face adversity we actually can say that we thrived while we were going through it? That might be new for us. The Old Testament book of Daniel gives us a picture of what it looks like to not just survive adversity but how to thrive during it. Join us as we take a look at the life of Daniel and three of his friends as the nation of Israel is taken into exile by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. While we may just want to survive, Daniel shows us that we can do more than that, that we are invited by God to thrive!

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February 12, 2023
You're Part of a Bigger Story

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February 19, 2023
Are We There Yet?

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February 26, 2023
Washing Your Face With No Soap or Water

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